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Sponsor A Child

Your sponsorship will enable a child to grow up and in receiving the best possible education.Sponsor NOW and get showered with blessings.

Just take in charge of one more individual and you’ll be showered with blessings for your bright future.

Vihan Foundation is going to start a new and very unique objective for the welfare of poor children in India.

You know very well and no one is unaware of this bitter truth that currently there are many people in our nation who still are not that much stable to provide admission of their ward in School and Institutes due to very high fees issues. Despite of being more creative and knowledgeful, there are many children who are unable to show their talent because of lack of proper platform.So we are here for those kind of children only and want to serve them with all our efforts and aids.

“ Sponsor a child “ is basically a new initiative towards the progress of poor children.

Sponsorship of child basically means just taking the whole responsibility of one poor children who is in need.His education fare,basic amenities,daily expenditures will be all supported by the one who has sponsored.Your sponsorship will enable a child to grow up and in receiving the best possible education and become a responsible adult.

There are basically two ways to sponsor a child :

  1. Sponsor on Monthly basis.
  2. Sponsor on Yearly basis.

Your helping hand can make a change which will affect millions.

The moment you become a child sponsor, you receive the following :

1 ) Regular communication with the ward to achieve full transparency which will give you updates on how your donation is making a difference to the life of a child.

2 ) A personalized progressive report of the child after each academic session.

3 ) A season’s greeting card with a picture of your sponsored child and a detailed report on the developments taking place.

Because of your helping hand,the future of the disadvantaged child will get enlighten and you’ll be showered with all blessings.  HELP US.  DONATE NOW!