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The First Wealth Is HEALTH

Help us in organizing Free Medical Camps and Hospitals providing free checkups to the poor ones.with the help of your support. Donate Now!

We believe that the greatest gift you can give your family and the world is a Healthy YOU.

No one is unaware of this fact that it’s very tough to maintain a good health without any disorder in this so costly period. Due to this bitter truth and lack of proper facilities and solutions , it is nearly impossible for the poor and low ranked people to even afford basic checkups.

For this, Vihan Foundation is taking a step towards this problem. Our aim is to help those who can’t afford healthy life.

Basically Vihan Foundation wants to organize Free Medical Camps in slum areas twice a month for the ones who are really unable to even afford primary health. Running those medical camps will require medical equipments and staffs for which we need your support and cooperation to get established.

On large scale,our aim is to construct a Hospital for the lower class people with full medical facilities and equipments.This hospital will run for free providing free medical aids to the needy ones.It will run by the Vihan Foundation trust with the help of your support and cooperation.

We highly need your support and help to take a step towards this noble cause and to make everyone stay healthy. HELP US. DONATE NOW!

Your little support and initiation will work out like the water to the thirsty one. You’ll be showered with all the blessings of the needy people.
Please feel their problem…….They need your help.