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Be a helping hand in building the school for poor and disadvantaged children. Let’s be together to stop illiteracy.

Have you ever wished to educate an underprivileged?

We all are very much aware of this fact that India is known for its humanity. There are ample of talents among our youth to do something better for the nation so that India can be listed in developed countries and not in developing countries. There are many noble thoughts and causes which needs to be implemented for nation’s bright future.

Vihan Foundation is taking a step towards this path. No one is unaware of this bitter truth that there are much illiteracy in India and on top of that , it is nearly impossible for the poor children to afford education.It’s not about business but only spreading knowledge and education.

Our mission is to open a school for poor and needy children who are unable to afford basic primary education.  

This School will  provide FREE EDUCATION  and basic education necessities without any fee for poor children and for those who can’t afford current expensive education structure.We have the team members that are very well educated and are ready to serve  in this initiative.Be a helping hand in building the infrastructure of school for poor and disadvantaged children. Join with us in this noble cause and make a change which will affect millions .

For this noble cause,we need your support in this journey to set an educating environment for the poor ones.

Education is very important . If we are educating the children, that means we are indirectly saving India’s next generation .Let’s be together to stop illiteracy. Donate Us !